Gift Card for Styling Service of Two Options

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Let her or him choose from two alternatives of Sophia Rosier Styling Services:

1) New Outfits from the Treasures of Your Own Wardrobe or

2) Shopping with a Professional

Styling and personal shopper services are also for men!

The card will contain a code to be used as means of payment. 


We will send Sophia Rosier Gift Card with the code to the e-mail address given by You, either straight to the person getting the gift or to You to forward or hand it over.


It is also possible that we send a paper card by mail and only the code by e-mail to ensure the security. You may choose this option in case You prefer a traditional card. Please notice that the paper card takes a few days to get to the address given. If You choose to order the paper card, please mention this in the "comments" (in Finnish or in English) when ordering. If You choose to have the card sent straight to the person getting it, take off the tap from "Shipping information is same as billing" and give the address.

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